Working Wharves

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‘Working Wharves’

Pictured, a scene of Auckland’s main port facility on the scenic Waitemata Harbour.

The port has been feature of Auckland since the modern city’s birth.The city was built on trade and commerce .

Politicos  and lobby groups now want the port to be shifted out of town; out of sight and out of mind.

It seems some people just do not want to have working wharves on their doorstep.

Dirty commerce!

There are plenty of lovely and enjoyable beaches, vantage points and eateries in the vicinity.

Equally though, I love the sight of freight ships from Panama, Liberia Singapore, or wherever, sweeping over the harbour after loading or disgorging their cargo.

I like to think the ‘nice to have’ and beautiful bits can co- exist with the functional hum, grind and sheer energy of a working port.