Sphere Of Silver Ferns

IMG_0750 (2)

A magical sphere comprised of silver ferns hangs suspended in the Wellington sky.

Okay, not really magical in the conjuring sense, as the wires holding the sculpture aloft are clearly visible, but in the sense of fantastical art/sculpture.

That the silver fern is the national symbol of New Zealand/Aotearoa is an emblematic plus.

The whirl of symmetrical fern motifs reflects the sun.

And reflects our special place and the endless,unifying cycle of life here(well, to me it does but you might see something else…).

F**k, I didn’t plan to come over all patriotic at the start of writing this, but even if you’re not a Kiwi, I hope you enjoy this very cool lump of flying metal anyway!



Failure Loops


What does failure look like?…feel like?

Like the shore with the tide receded and just not coming back in.

Like a tree stripped of leaves, branches twisted over into loops.

For failure can be a cycle, a seemingly endless loop.

And when you are in that loop, you feel so, so, stuck.

The harder you try, the worse it all seems to get.

The loop becomes a tightening noose.

All you do is hope and  pray for anything that will act as a circuit breaker.

And when you find it, or the universe brings the tide back in, that will be success.

Remember then what failure looks and feels like, and appreciate that success.

Because you can’t truly know success without having experienced failure.