White Rose Purity

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‘White Rose Purity’ 

I know what a white rose is supposed to symbolise, but purity would have to be the most elusive human quality of them all. It is certainly aspirational though.

The white rose also means ‘new beginnings’. That might be a bit more relatable, given that our lives are a succession of endings and fresh starts, whether we plan them or not.

So then, take your pick – just don’t get pricked…

Sphere Of Silver Ferns

IMG_0750 (2)

A magical sphere comprised of silver ferns hangs suspended in the Wellington sky.

Okay, not really magical in the conjuring sense, as the wires holding the sculpture aloft are clearly visible, but in the sense of fantastical art/sculpture.

That the silver fern is the national symbol of New Zealand/Aotearoa is an emblematic plus.

The whirl of symmetrical fern motifs reflects the sun.

And reflects our special place and the endless,unifying cycle of life here(well, to me it does but you might see something else…).

F**k, I didn’t plan to come over all patriotic at the start of writing this, but even if you’re not a Kiwi, I hope you enjoy this very cool lump of flying metal anyway!



Come Frolic In The Ferns

IMG_1702_1 (2).jpg

Last in this little trilogy (see Fern Rainbows and Fronds On The Fading Year for more).

Here, the lush ferns seem to be dancing and inviting you in to play with them.

Did you know that the silver fern is one of New Zealand’s national symbols?

These are ferns of a slightly different variety, but are still strong signifiers of home -strength and resilience, beauty and harmony.

Dive right in!