A view of the grand exterior facade of Auckland’s Civic Theatre, built in Moorish Revival style (trust me, that is an actual thing).

I love the old place ( it has an artificial night sky ceiling in the main theatre, too!).

I have also adored many films and music performances at the venue. So many great memories.

It’s all about the facades – things that are not always real, projected as if they are, taking us on a fantastical ride.

I guess that’s the nature of entertainment.

It’s part of life too. Hard to know what is genuine sometimes.

But if you have to have a facade, make it a grand one!

Shrouded Mountains

IMG_3970 (3)

‘Shrouded Mountains’


“I enter the world called real as one enters a mist” – Julien Green

You would think, wouldn’t you, that getting to reality, or even a sense of the real, would be easy or obvious.

We can tell an object is real because we can see or touch it.

Not so matters of life and the soul.

There is often the pain of the upwards mountainous trudge and the sheer f**king foggy uncertainty of it all.

Not immediately knowing what is true, and not getting to any semblance of the truth any time soon.

It is only step by faltering step, day by grinding day, that we find our shrouded reality.

Winged Taurus


lf bulls can fly…

Well, they are bigger than pigs – “and pigs can fly” as the saying goes – and that is not a likelihood either.

But myths (and mythical  creatures) do not need likelihood, let alone certainty, to hold sway or have power.

For mythology is magic, and magic transcends reality.

So, if bulls can fly, clouds are pierced by horns and hooves will trample stars.

And mankind will continue to be shat upon massively from great heights…