Listen To The Lion


‘ Listen To The Lion’


Lions, of course, are symbols of courage and bravery.

Courage features in the second part of The Serenity Prayer:

“Courage to change the things I can”

I think about that which I can change at the start of the day. Whether I act depends largely on whether I have the guts to do so.

Some leonine musical inspiration comes from Irish singer-songwriter in one of his more extended songs:


” I shall search my very soul

  for the lion

 inside of me”

(Mr. Morrison really rips loose with the vocal chords on this number; the repetition too, as he hits full trance and utters the phrase “listen to the lion” over and over again at one point in the song. It makes for one of his more challenging listens, but that’s possibly the point. I still marvel that Van, well into his musical work by then, was still only 26 or so when this track was recorded – it sounds like someone with way more time and miles under the belt).



Wavelength: Signals And Wires

The old radio station at Musick Point, Auckland sits atop a peninsular clifftop ; its signals guided military ships and planes in the Pacific during WWII . Now, the humming of the wires is generated by an amateur radio ham group that keeps the spirit of the place alive.

Regardless of the messages sent, the symbols of the power of the airwaves always resonate with me.







The magic of radio  –  on the road ,in the dead of the night : words, voices ,music – always the music.


Wavelength: Signals And Wires I


          “And I can get your station

            When I need  rejuvenation



            You never let me down, no.”


                     ‘Wavelength’, Van Morrison (1978)

Wavelength: Signals And Wires II