‘Braemar’: Survivor



Apparently ‘Braemar’ is the sole late-Victorian period house in Auckland’s central city area still in use as a residence.

Despite its blackened exterior, this is one of my favourite local buildings, with its gothic exterior architrave; the name proud above the arch; wrought iron fence; lace curtains; and the glow of a welcoming light within.

Believe me, there’s been an awful lot of crappy, inconsequential stuff erected around this baby since it was built.

It is a tenacious, grimy survivor and that is something I always admire – in people, and in anything that outlasts the others of its ilk.




Triple Pronged Night II


The sequel to the last (slightly creepy) post  Triple Pronged Night.

As close as I am going to get to I am ever going to get to making a horror movie, given that I don’t enjoy them ,or being terrified for that matter.

But, all horror movies worth their gory salt seem to have a sequel, so here you are…

Actually this is more a contextualization than a true sequel: the photo shows the rest of the small pergola, set in a private school grounds, where I had cause to be last night.

A quaint Victorian gothic structure that was probably meant as a resting stop or glorified sun shelter.

Perhaps at night vampires might gather here and swap tales over pints of fresh blood…