Puzzle Piece

‘Puzzle Piece’

A broken plate this morning, sigh…

Some observations:

  1. Some broken things are just not worth fixing – replace them with something better.
  2. You just might be the missing piece in somebody’s puzzle.
  3. Sometimes you don’t need to solve a puzzle – a little mystery is okay.
  4. Occasionally things need to get broken, for you to understand how they really work.
  5. Last, and not least, take good care picking up dishes from the sink!

Castle On The Cheap Side


Faded grandeur on Auckland’s Dominion Road.

Faux castle battlements above the proud name,’Cheapside’.

Peeling grey paint.

A bit down at the heel maybe.

Probably not the future imagined at the laying of its foundations.

But still standing,useful and with purpose after the best part of a century.

Some of us are like this battling building, battered but not broken(alliteration alert!).

And still dreaming of being castles…


Labels Are For Jars


 “How many cares one loses ,when one decides not to be something ,but someone.”

        – Coco Chanel

This quote has almost been my mantra in the past year or so.

The creeping realisation came that I was defining myself by my various jobs,roles and external expectations , not by my core,essence and natural intuition. And I was losing myself in the process.

The labels that the world uses to pigeonhole us should not stick to us through everything , or anything all really, but they do .

Be warned ,you might just have to break a jar or two to lose those labels, and just be someone – you.

Glass broken, cares lost….