Together In Precarious Places

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   Gannet Colony, Muriwai Beach, NZ

Back to the beach and birds.

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Where, and how, they gather together in this place is a marvel.

It’s not easy.

The migration route across the Tasman Sea to this very location, for some of the gannets at least, is a miracle of sorts.

But even the smallest things are difficult.

On a recent trip out to Muriwai, I observed one gannet make a dozen unsuccessful passes  trying to deposit twigs as nesting material to its partner. Landing in the small nest space (indentations in the soft rock and dirt , which they create) was prevented time and again by the swirling gusts of wind. I watched for minutes and the creature persevered, but still hadn’t completed the task by the time I left (it was way worse than any airline delays and technical issues I have suffered through!).

The bird was working so hard for its mate and family.

The entire flock of gannets pull together to survive in this precarious place of wind, sea and clifftops.

So too, vulnerable people need each other just to get by.

Immigrants in strange lands. Struggling sports teams. Addicts in recovery. The destitute and homeless.

Communities formed by necessity and nurtured by mutual reliance. Strength in numbers, for sure.

When the odds are stacked against you, there are no prizes for being a f**king lone ranger…






Re-tread Gently


This shot was taken yesterday at the 25th birthday celebrations of a community organisation that has done of lot of good things in that time for families in its (mainly poor) neighbourhood.

The garden out the back of the centre re-uses old tyres, brightly repainted ,as planters for the food grown there.Lost property from the nearby airport is distributed to those who need it. Waste management and re-cycling are key components of the work .Life skills are taught and passed on. Anything that  can be used is used and those with the time and love can who wish to contribute to the work are welcomed.

Simplicity, sustainability, care and respect for others and our planet are the group’s ideals and practices for growth.

Big corporates and bureaucrats take note!