Black & White Greenhouse

20200108_220857 (2)

   Winter Gardens, Auckland  NZ.     January 2020

The twin conservatories of the Winter Gardens – one cool, and one warm – are personal favourite places of mine locally, and are botanical wonderlands.

It may seem perverse to showcase a haven of greenery in monochrome.

But the black and white picture certainly emphasises the curves, lines and angles – natural and manmade – that draw me in, time and time again.



The Shade And The Space


The cool greenery of native bush is a shady lure as the summer continues to heat up in Aotearoa/ New Zealand.

A refuge from the amped up glare amongst the palms and ferns.

There is just something tranquil about disappearing into a grove of trees and being immersed in green light, the sun battling to break through the leafy canopy.

For however long you are in the bush, it is as if the outside world is irrelevant and time stops ticking.

We all need a place to go like that, I think.