Lennox Hides Out

‘Lennox Hides Out’

Ebb Then Flood doesn’t usually deal in cat memes, but I couldn’t resist putting up this shot of the family feline resting in lavender bushes recently.

Looking for all the world like a patch of soil amongst the leaves and flowers, a watchful golden eye betrays his presence.

And when he finally emerges from his clandestine possie, the sweet and cloying odour of the lavender flowers stays on his fur… perfumed puss!

Papering Over The Cracks


Vintage embossed wallpaper in a country pub just south of Auckland, spotted last weekend.


Sumptuous and symmetrical.

It is art in its own very repetitive and expansive way.

Wallpaper performs a decorative function, but of course hides what lies behind it.

God knows, I have papered over my own cracks at times, working feverishly like “a one-armed paper hanger”, to borrow a phrase.

Most of the time the people in the room had no earthly idea of the unsightly mess beneath…