The Bridge

20191007_122603 (2)  Queensferry Crossing, Scotland

This stunning modern suspension bridge over the Firth of Forth was certainly worth a picture, as we crossed over it late last year( don’t worry, I took this photo from the passenger seat! ).

Serious wires!

As I have been filling my musical boots with vintage sounds of late, may I take you on a  transatlantic leap to the somewhat older but equally stellar Brooklyn Bridge, which I was fortunate to have walked over as a young bloke.

Artwork of it features on the cover of  a 1982 album ‘The Bridge’, by jazz/fusion keyboardist David Sancious. Sancious may be better known to rockers as an early member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.

A YouTube link to the sublime title track ,an old favourite of mine, is below, if  you have the time to embark on a sprawling aural trip of your own…


To Cross Over

IMG_0860 (2).JPG

                                                                     Footbridge, Raglan NZ


What does it take to cross over to the place where you want to be?

From misery to happiness.

From loneliness to love.

From failure to success.

What does it take?

Some sort of bridge, some way to cross over that which threatens to engulf you.

And when you find that bridge it will look like this one – not easy, straight, wide or comfortable.

And you, and only you (not even the ones who tell you it can be done) will have to walk it.