To Cross Over

IMG_0860 (2).JPG

                                                                     Footbridge, Raglan NZ


What does it take to cross over to the place where you want to be?

From misery to happiness.

From loneliness to love.

From failure to success.

What does it take?

Some sort of bridge, some way to cross over that which threatens to engulf you.

And when you find that bridge it will look like this one – not easy, straight, wide or comfortable.

And you, and only you (not even the ones who tell you it can be done) will have to walk it.

Boat Houses On The Ebb Tide

IMG_0695 (2).JPG

Two emerald green boat houses on the shores of Raglan’s harbour on New Zealand’s west coast.

This is apropos of nothing really ,other than I find this view really calming.

That, and at on an ebb(or low) tide, nothing appears to be happening.

But there is always the promise of the rising tide.

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