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Peak autumn on the Tamaki River at low tide; the clear blue sky is reflected in the water lying atop the mudflats at low tide. Plenty of time right now for me to likewise do a bit of reflection in the suspended state that is lockdown, whilst out walking.

The perfect mini soundtrack to this all comes from American new age/neo-classical pianist George Winston:

Enjoy !


Butterfly Piano Man

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I visited the High Musuem of Art in Atlanta in 2017 while on vacation.The museum is full of stunning  art but this gentleman at the community piano outside  gave me my lasting  memory of the place. Playing skillfully, only for himself and before he was due to work , the simple,elegant  folk/classical melodies  drew me in .I listened for a while and chatted briefly with the guy,thanking him for sharing his talent.I love the idea of the community piano that anyone can come and play on(saw another  in Atlanta and then one back home in NZ) – music and art should be egalitarian and accessible but so often get commodified or placed on a pedestal,and then their essence is often diluted or lost altogther.That moment is an inpiration to this blog – I do it for myself first and foremost ,but am happy if my melodies are overheard and appreciated….