Spotted, in a church bell tower, before a wedding.

Spiral staircases are fantastic pieces of design, giving maximum verticality in limited space.

Spirals are found in many places in nature – in seashells; in the patterns of our own DNA; in galaxies of stars.

I reflect that I have spiraled both upwards and down in my own life.

The thing with spirals is that they cross over themselves at different levels.

I have found myself at different stages of life crossing over myself, or at least a version of myself.

Oh yeah, I think, maybe I have been here before; but at another level, in another time.

And when I find myself in one of those occasional downwards spirals, I have to remind myself that the set of stairs ascends also.

The newlyweds will learn that too…

Life Sentence Pending


Captured up  at my bowls club recently… set up and ready for a late afternoon wedding ceremony, all roses and ribbons. No idea whose. No one arrived yet…..weirdly eerie but in a nice way,not the Billy Idol song ‘White Wedding’ one.

The nuptials will be well done and dusted by now and I wish the unknown couple a happy marriage.

Cynical title to this post ,I know.Probably due to many years lawyering ,dealing with matrimonial property, parenting and domestic violence issues amongst other things.Not a lot of laughs.

But you have to be optimistic about love,so the shot gets a little special rose tinting….