Same As It Ever Was

Same As It Ever Was’

There are those lines in the refrain of the song “Once In A Lifetime” where Talking Heads’ David Byrne repeatedly utters “same as it ever was”.

It sounds like the needle got stuck in a groove and was my looping musical earworm today for whatever reason.

It certainly feels like “same, same” as Auckland returns to another Covid-19 lockdown.The rhythms of restriction return as if they had never left.

If lockdown is overly familiar, and not necessarily in a good way, I do get out for walks down by the local creek to clear my head.

It too is so familiar (but comforting too); hardly changing except for the level of tides that feed it from the sea or when heavy rain falls.

“Same as it ever was, same as it ever was…”

Bright Neon Cross

‘Bright Neon Cross’

The third and last of picture posts featuring neon crosses of varying hues.

If the crosses themselves are stunning, the contrasts of brightness with dark backgrounds are what resonate with me.

That which is bright is rendered even brighter by sheer darkness.Hope can intensify with grim desperation.Sometimes love is only recognised after it has gone…