On Track

‘On Track’

A dirt track through bushland near my home.

Posted for the times that we are on track to wherever we are heading.

The details of the destination may not be filled in exactly, and they don’t need to be.

But that present sense of moving towards something good is there.

And that’s enough…for now.

Keep tracking on!

Puzzle Piece

‘Puzzle Piece’

A broken plate this morning, sigh…

Some observations:

  1. Some broken things are just not worth fixing – replace them with something better.
  2. You just might be the missing piece in somebody’s puzzle.
  3. Sometimes you don’t need to solve a puzzle – a little mystery is okay.
  4. Occasionally things need to get broken, for you to understand how they really work.
  5. Last, and not least, take good care picking up dishes from the sink!