Blue Swirl Reflections


Geometric swirls of a carved gateway to a Maori marae ( meeting  place) reimagined in blue, and mirrored.

Not as the carver intended, but how it was in my mind’s eye, on a day where the mood was blue, little was calm in my head and mental waves churned like the sea below the marae.

And, after a little reflection (so to speak), I’m okay with that.


Blue Spring

If in the last post Blue Moses, Moses had the blues, I think I have them too today, or at least a nagging sense of disquiet.

But blue is also the colour of the pictured spring, one of the special places I love, where water bubbles up from deep down and there is richness and amazing clarity.

Hope springs eternal, right?


IMG_0547 (2).JPG
Hanurama Springs, Rotorua  NZ

Blue Moses


A full scale marble replica of Michelangelo’s sculpture Moses sits in an inner city Auckland park ( it came from Italy with a replica David but that statue sorta went missing years ago).

Theologians and historians still debate and surmise about  Moses’s achievements and even his existence.

All I know is that in this representation of the Jewish leader and prophet ,he just looks a little pissed off and, frankly, depressed.

Too long in the wilderness ,maybe…

…or possibly missing his buddy Dave?

Whatever the reason , I have made him up in blue to suit.

Makes me happy, at least…